About Me

Hello my name is Sara Adams, I was born in May of 1989, I was born in Effingham and then we moved to a suburb of Chicago (Lockport IL.) I lived there for 16 years and then my grandma decided to retire to Waverly, Tn, So we moved too. Couple of years later I met the man that is now my Husband His name is Daniel Adams (for the people who didn’t get that when you typed my address). We started trying out church after church after church and finally found the right one ( I guess you could say we are still there lol) .

More about me:

I have 3 dogs and 2 hamsters.  All 3 of my dogs are chihuahuas, Their names are Trixie, Valerie, and Calli. Trixie is a short haired chihuahua and Valerie and Calli are small long haired Chihuahuas.

I am Fluent in Sign language because of a little girl that  inspired me to learn, now I sign at my Church and sign when I feel like it around my house. Hopefully soon I can get some of my songs that I sign up on YouTube and my website for you guys to check out!

I found other stuff i wanted to write here! he he…. If you haven’t noticed i love pandas hence the pandas on the front page. They are cool because they are not a bear… they are in the raccoon family. Well that is enough for now

Y”all come back now ya hear !?!

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